Guaranteed Rent

Want Guaranteed Rent? No Void Periods?

If you are interested in maximising your net rental income for the next 2-5 years, NoFeeAgency Southampton can help you. We pay 100% of the rent, 100% on time - all stress free and hassle free.

  • No void periods – No loss of income as rent is paid even if the property is vacant
  • Guaranteed rent paid on time to the landlord every month
  • No fee lettings – We charge you no fees. Ever.
  • Total freedom from tenant management
  • Full property management
  • No stress for landlords
  • We keep your property in excellent condition
Improve your cash flow, while enjoying a hands free investment. We manage the property throughout the duration of our contract, leaving you to focus on other things in your life.

Landlord Services:

If you would like to take the hassle out of being a landlord, use a free letting agency. NoFeeAgency helps landlords in Southampton to manage their properties. Renting your property has never been this easy.

  • Guaranteed rent
  • No fee lettings
  • No voids
  • Up to 5 year leases
  • Fully managed service
  • Rental valuation of the property
  • Serving appropriate notices to tenants

Property Management Specialists

Thinking of letting out your property? We specialise in:

  • 1-6 bedroom houses
  • Apartments & Flats
  • Shared Houses
  • Short stay accommodation

HMO Property Management

One of our goals is to provide beautiful and affordable housing to professionals, while delivering good returns to landlords. HMO is a good idea for this due to the increased revenue it provides. A HMO (Housing in Multiple Occupation) is a residential house occupied by three or more people, who are not related to each other. They often share facilities, such as a bathroom and/or kitchen.

A HMO requires more management as there are stringent health and safety regulations to be adhered to.

Our NoFeeAgency Southampton will keep you fully compliant with all the legal regulations. Call our property managers today on 07768 525458.

Why & what is guaranteed rent?

Our Free letting agency in Southampton is here to make your life easier. Our services are for those who have had enough of tenant management and they want to be free from tenant management services, while earning a guaranteed income.

If you are a landlord and you are looking to earn a fixed monthly rental income, while reducing your risk, then you are in the right place.

How does it work?

NoFeeAgency rents your property from you for a fixed amount. We then sub rent the property, finding tenants and managing the property through the tenancy period. Therefore, NoFeeAgency will be your tenant and we will be paying you rent every month, regardless of whether the property is occupied or not.

At the end of the contract, NoFeeAgency will give back your property, if you want it. We will hand over the property to you in good condition.

Why choose Guaranteed Rent?

You are assured of getting an income, whether the property is occupied or not. In addition, the agency will take care of any repairs and give back the property to you in good condition. The landlord will not have to pay any agency fee, renewal fee or management fees. All these will save the landlord time and money.