Single & Short Lets

Short Lets
What are they and how can you benefit?

Do you have a vacant property or property that you want to invest in? Short lets are a good way to get guaranteed income.

A short let is a property which is designed for short term stay. It can be let for a few weeks to a few months. Normally, the tenants view the property as an alternative to staying in a hotel. Short lets provide the comfort of being home away from home.

We offer an efficient short let service to Southampton landlords. When you take up our full property management services, we will manage the property and the tenants. Short lets are subject to regulations by local authorities; however, the regulations are not as strict as those for long term stays.

We turn the short let into a fully furnished and serviced apartment. Making it possible for the tenant to move in and live with minimal fuss. We then open it up to guests who want to spend a few days to a few weeks in it. These are often:

  • Business travellers
  • Corporate rentals- Some companies will put staff on temporary accommodation when they are working away from home
  • Prospective homeowners who are looking for property in the area
  • Tourists
Westquay and Southampton City Wall

How does NoFeeAgency manage my property?

How it works

Your property will be well cared for and maintained by our housekeeping team. They will go in and clean it up after every guest leaves. Utility bills are included in the rent and covered by NoFeeAgency.

When NoFeeAgency in Southampton takes over the property, we provide guaranteed income, maintenance, cleaning and repair of the property.

We will handle all inquiries, bookings and advertising of the accommodation. This means that you will have peace of mind as you will not have to deal with any of the hassles of managing the property.


Why Southampton?

Southampton is the perfect place for short lets due to high demand. Any kind of apartment can be a short let from flats to studio apartments. We are mainly looking for well located properties. We are able to offer rent guarantees as short term rentals are more lucrative than long term rentals.


Contact Us, See if we can help.

We make letting HMOs for Southampton landlords Easy

If you are a landlord in Southampton looking to put your property in the market as a short let, give us a call today! To contact us, call our business number 02380 980210 or send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.